Frequently Asked Questions

If I want some electrical work done,  what do I do?


Feel free to get in touch by phone, text or email (all details on Contact Us page).   Normally we will then arrange for me to call in when convenient to you so I can have a look at exactly what is required to prepare a full written Quotation. This you’ll normally receive within a day or so.  The last page of this Quotation is an acceptance slip—if you want to go ahead with the quoted works, simply call us or return the acceptance slip then we’ll arrange a date to carry out the work.  Under no circumstances will we ever press you to accept the Quotation nor ‘chase’ you after the Quotation is received.  The decision to proceed or not is left entirely to you.

Do the Quotations include all costs?


Yes.  The Quotations detail the labour charge and show an itemised parts list together with costs for each item.  There are no extras, no additional charges and no VAT.

Is work covered by any sort of guarantee?


Yes.  All work carried out and all supplied parts are covered by a 12 month written guarantee

Do I get an electrical test certificate?


Yes.  For any change or modification to an electrical circuit you will receive a certificate of electrical test in accordance with Electrical Installation Regulations (BS7671).  The only exceptions to this are where there is no requirement for such certification (e.g. battery operated doorbell).  Where applicable you will also receive a Certificate of Part P Compliance from Building Control .